Amy & Manuela

I am beyond excited to announce that I am writing, directing, and producing a short film, “Amy & Manuela.” This film is a true life story of my mom and her Italian friend who she met on an overnight train in Europe in the 90s and how they have kept their special friendship for 30 years now. It is a true honor to tell this story in a medium that I love. I started writing a feature-length script last year and am adapting it to a short, filming in the upcoming 2 months. Currently, I am seeking funds to secure locations, the most pivotal one being Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami, FL. All funds raised will go straight into production for locations, props and wardrobe, catering, and other costs that may arise. Thank you all for joining me on this journey of love and friendship.

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The Ride

I portrayed Saline in the short film The Ride, directed by Patrick Mankamyer.  Shooting just wrapped, and this film is now in post-production.

First Drop

I portrayed FBI agent Chloe Stephenson in La3Films' feature film First Drop, directed by LeVar Leo.  This feature is currently in post-production.

Soft. Driven. Mad.

Vault Video Productions' Soft. Driven. Mad., written and directed by Kevin Miguelez, is currently in post-production.  Grace's story is close to me, and I was grateful to delve into her character. Check out the trailer!

Princess Parties

I am currently working with Fairytale Productions for princess parties!  Some characters I've played are Belle, Luna the Unicorn Fairy, Ariel, and Barbie.


The Creature

Imaginationland Studios' The Creature, directed by Trace Reid, is currently in post-production.  Who will survive the night?

Brooke Hall in The Creature

The Veil

I portrayed Avery in The Veil, written and directed by Norma Yamin.  This film is currently in post-production.  Check back for updates soon!

Brooke Hall in The Veil


Psychotrope Productions' Rememory, directed by Andres Irias, is currently in post-production.  Check out the trailer below!

The Rain Comes Down Slow

I am currently playing Abby in the audio series, The Rain Comes Down Slow, written by Valerie Lopez and produced by U&S Productions/ARX. 

The Rain Comes Down Slow

A Midsummer Night's Dream

I will be reprising my role as Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream  with Florida Shakespeare Theater this May-June.  Keep an eye out for updates on this film adaptation!

A Midsummer Night's Dream FLShakes


Off Balance

I played April in the world premiere of Off Balance, written by Michael Aman and directed by Michael Bush.  Performances were at Empire Stage in July. This was truly a meaningful experience.

Off Balance Poster

Last Hurrah


I portrayed Sam in Last Hurrah, directed by Michael Jimenez. This coming-of-age story is one that many people will find resonant.

Brooke Hall in Last Hurrah

David & Liza

I portrayed Liza in the short film, David & Liza, directed by Paula Da Silva in April 2021.  This film was submitted as part of AGBO's "No Sleep 'til Film Fest" competition.

The Sibling Plays

I played Jill in Samuel Weston Evans' Buried--a short play in the anthology The Sibling Plays. Performances were live-streamed through YouTube on April 3 at 7pm EST.

Brooke Hall in Buried by Samuel Weston Evans


I portrayed Phoebe in the short film, Sonder, written and directed by Parker Gimbel in March 2021.  

Who Killed Maiah?

I portrayed Maiah in Who Killed Maiah?, directed by Maria Galue in March 2021.  This whodunnit crime thriller was fun to film.

Shave the Net

I portrayed Sierra in the short film, Shave the Net, written and directed by Paula Da Silva in March 2021.  

FilmGate Miami's Why the Drama?

I was honored to be a part of FilmGate Miami's Why the Drama? series for a reading Eddie del Carmen's script, Bad Influence, with panelists Chris Ryan and Ed Arenas in March 2021.


I was honored to play Mad in the premiere of the new play Desmond, written by Kota Horiuchi and directed by Adam Frost-Venrick.  Performances were live-streamed through YouTube in February 2021.

Brooke Hall in Desmond by Kota Horiuchi

Save Me

I portrayed Woman in the short film Save Me, written and directed by Elaina Harris in February 2021.  It was a great challenge to act by myself while playing three distinct characters.  This film is currently in post-production.

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