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About Me

About Me

Growing up, my house was always filled with music--whether it was The Beatles or The Wiggles. I would always sing and dance along, but it wasn't until I was five that I decided to put on a full production of Barbie: Fairytopia The Musical--by producing playbills, sets, and costumes, and assigning my little brother the role of stagehand.


Two years later, I fell in love with the musical Wicked, and listened to the soundtrack nonstop during the summer of 2007. The following year, I was in my first show.


Now, I am an alumna of the University of Miami with my BFA in Musical Theatre with minors in Communications and Motion Pictures. I am also an alumna of the National Theater Institute's Theatermakers.  Further, I am a Music and Performing Arts Teacher with Virtual Performing Arts Academy.

A storyteller with boundless imagination who strives to tell truths, I hope that my artistry will inspire change and growth.

Brooke Hall
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