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The Mystery of Edwin Drood

In November 2019, I performed in the University of Miami's The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Rupert Holmes at the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Poster


I portrayed Ellie in Sweetheart, directed by Brandi Stevens in April-May 2019.  I am honored to have won "Best Performance" at the Scares & Scores Film Festival.

Brooke Hall in Sweetheart

A Cage in the Jungle

I portrayed Isabel in A Cage in the Jungle, written and directed by Simeon Ruiz P. Narcis in April 2019. 

Brooke Hall in A Cage in the Jungle


I portrayed Janet in Smother, directed by Jared Korotkin in April 2019.

Brooke Hall in Smother


I portrayed Vivian in the short film What-if.exe, directed by Jacob Wilson in March 2019.

Brooke Hall in What-if.exe

Love Thy Children

I filmed U&S Productions' Love Thy Children in March 2019.  More details on IMDb! 

Brooke Hall in Love Thy Children
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